My Nursery Booklet

Please take a few minutes to read this together.

Hello and welcome to The Windmill Nursery. Whilst you are at nursery you will have Teachers that will play with you and help look after you.

You will have a special Teacher who will be your key person.  They will complete a learning journey book, all about you. This will have photographs of you inside, as well as drawings and things you make and lots of information about what you like and don’t like to do and how clever you are!

Your key person will also complete the unique story document with your Mummy, Daddy or special adult that looks after you, which helps everyone to share information together.

If your Mummy, Daddy or special adult wants to speak to your key person at any time, they can come into the nursery and make a special appointment (just like we do if we need to see the Doctor).

When you come to nursery you will see lots of pegs and you can put your coat and belongings on any one of them. Make sure your name is on all of your belongings though!! Try and remember that when it’s cold you will need a coat and maybe even gloves and a hat, but when it is hot you will need a sun hat and sun cream on.

At nursery we like to have lots of fun and sometimes we might take our shoes off, please make sure you wear shoes that are easy to put on all by yourself.

When arriving at nursery, please make sure you arrive on time, so you don’t miss any play time fun.

At snack time you are able to have a drink of milk or water. Although you can have a drink of water anytime, as this is right by the Teacher’s sink, so you can help yourself. You are also able to have some fruit or a cracker.

Sometimes we might have a bread stick, a cracker or a piece of birthday cake. If it is your birthday (or near your birthday) you can bring in a cake to celebrate with your friends.

Before snack you will have to wash your hands, find your name on our snack board and get a cup from the tray, a Teacher will be here to help you. We all take turns at snack and everyone gets to have a chat and socialise together in a small group.

At nursery you will do lots of learning, through play, with your friends and with adults in the nursery. You will be playing inside and outside everyday.

At nursery we have lots of books in the book corner where you can sit and read about all sorts of things. We have story-time everyday. We also have a tape/CD player and you will be able to listen to music and stories here.

If you want to learn your letters at home, it is best to learn the letter sounds.

At nursery we love writing because it is fun and you get to make all sorts of markings, not only on paper but in sand, dirt, paint, glitter …. everywhere!!

If you want to learn to write your name, it’s very important to use a capital letter at the start. Do not worry if you can’t because learning is the best part. We all write all of the time in our play, we might write letters or shopping lists.

There are lots of things that help us to write, things like tracing over pictures, colouring, cutting, drawing, making models and using play dough. At nursery you do not need to worry about bringing in spare clothes, we have loads of these.  But remember, you will sometimes get messy at nursery so don’t wear your best clothes!

We all need help sometimes and the Teachers are here to help you, just say “help me please.”

Sometimes we might need help with our buttons, zips, turning the tap on or when we are in the toilet.

The nursery toilet is easy to find and is right near the painting area.


At nursery you will be doing lots of activities, including drawing, painting, building, exploring our environment, small world play, imaginative role play, riding on bikes, scooters, playing on the climbing frame, play dough, sand and water play, computers – including using the iPad, dressing up, playing in the mud kitchen, gardening, cooking, playing games and many other fun activities too!

You will learn lots of new things and make lots of new friends too!

You will have the opportunity to celebrate lots of festivals and celebrations through play as well.

All of your learning is based around a special curriculum called  THE EARLY YEARS FOUNDATION STAGE (EYFS), which means at nursery we make sure your learning is fun and helps you learn lots too!

Your Mummy, Daddy or special adult can find lots of information in the nursery lobby area.  Maybe you could look here too?

We hope this helps you and your family settle into nursery life.