Sun Protection

At the Windmill Nursery we acknowledge the importance of sun protection and want staff and children to enjoy the sun safely.  The policy was written in guidance from the Sun Smart Cancer Research.

We will work with staff and parents/carers to achieve sun safety through the following means:


  • We will provide opportunities for the children to have discussions on sun safety.
  • Parents and guardians will be sent a letter explaining what we are doing about sun protection and how they can help at the beginning of the summer term and during summer holidays.


  • We will encourage students to sit/play in the shade where it is available.
  • We have the outside canopy which provides a vast area of shade.  We are planning on having more shade by the grass area with the purchase of further material canopies.
  • We have two pop-up gazebos to provide instant shade.


  • Children are required to wear hats that cover the ears, face and neck.
  • We have plenty of nursery hats to give to children who forget their own.
  • We also sell nursery hats at a reasonable price.
  • All staff have been informed of the importance of sun safety and have been advised to wear hats when outside to set a good example.


  • We send a letter home advising parents/carers that they should apply sun screen to their child just before arriving at nursery.
  • The nursery does have a supply of sun screen that the child’s parents/carers can apply to their child upon arrival to the nursery.  This is for those who forget to apply sun screen or for those who are not financially viable to purchase sun screen.  It is the parent/carer’s responsibility to apply the sunscreen and ensure that their child has no allergies to it.