Partnership with Parents

The nursery understands and respects that parents are the first educators of their children.  The aim of the nursery is to support their essential work and supplement them.  The nursery will make all new parents aware of the groups systems and policies.

  • The nursery’s designated partnership with parents person is Norma Whapshott.  Although it is the responsibility of all staff members to ensure that the setting reaches its aims and objectives regarding the partnership with parents policy.
  • When children attend the nursery they will be allocated a key person who observes, tracks, assesses their development.  They will also liaise with the child’s parents to aid in their individual stage of development.
  • A list of the nursery’s policies is displayed within the lobby area and parents are invited to read the policies at a period that is convenient for them.
  • Parents are encouraged on an individual basis to play an active role in the activities within the setting.  They are invited to participate in the parent’s rota.
  • The nursery ensures that parents are informed on a regular basis about their progress and development.  This is achieved by inviting parents to attend Key Person appointments at their convenience and at the yearly open evening.
  • We ensure that all parents have the opportunity to contribute their own skills, knowledge and interests to the activities of the group, and are invited within newsletters that are given out once a term and on the parent’s rota.
  • Parents are involved in shared record keeping about their own child, whether formally or informally.  The nursery values the ‘My Unique Story’ document, which is completed by the child’s parents and Key Person liaising together.
  • The nursery values parent’s contributions and respect these contributions by whatever forms that these may undertake.
  • The nursery will endeavour to make all parents aware of the systems for registering queries, complaints and suggestions.  Access to the complaints procedure and suggestion box is held within the nursery lobby area.
    All parents are invited to participate in the nursery’s annual questionnaire, which allows for any queries and suggestions to be given.
  • Within the nursery lobby area there are information boards for parents to have access to at their own leisure.
    The information displayed includes activity plans, information on outside agencies/ groups, policies, staffing, committee information, up-to-date newsletters, parent’s rota, nursery registration documents and the nursery’s Ofsted Report.
  • Opportunities for parents to learn about the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and about young children’s learning within the nursery and at home will be provided by leaflets, notices, open evenings, newsletters, Key Person appointments and visit days.
  • All parents are invited to join the committee during visit days and newsletters and the setting recognises that parents may wish to have varying roles within the committee role that they undertake.
  • Where parent is written the nursery recognises that this also means guardians and carers.