The designated person for health and safety is Denise Jones, although it is the responsibility of all staff members to ensure that the setting reaches its aims and objectives regarding all health, hygiene and safety issues.

All children are supervised by adults at all times and will always be in sight of an adult.

The setting recognises and adheres to OFSTED’s statutory requirements regarding adult and child ratios, as follows:

2-3 years: 1 adult to 4 children

3-5 years 1 adult to 8 children

Staff are to be aware of these ratios ensuring that they are constantly maintained during both inside and outside activities.

A book is available at all times for reporting any accidents/incidents for parents/guardians to acknowledge and sign.

An accident book is also available for any staff/volunteer workers if required.

Regular safety monitoring will include checking the accident/incident books.

All staff will have undertaken paediatric first aid training and will ensure that their training is renewed every three years.

All adults are aware of the system in operation for children’s arrival and departures and an adult will be at the door during these periods:  During the children’s arrival, the person allocated on ‘float’ will be supervising the entrance door and the person allocated on ‘game and milk’ will be allocated on the exit door.

Children will leave the group only with authorised adults and with the parents/guardians consent and once the correct permission forms have been completed.

Safety checks on the inside and outside of the Nursery are carried out on a regular basis, following the risk assessment checklist.

Equipment is checked on a regular basis and any dangerous items will be repaired or discarded.

Equipment is cleaned at regular intervals and kept to a high standard.  A cleaning list is completed and kept in the nursery office.

The layout of the nursery room allows for children and adults to move safely and freely between activities.

Fire doors/exits are never obstructed.

Heaters/electrical points/wires and leads are adequately guarded.

All electrical equipment is independently checked annually by a qualified electrician.

All dangerous materials including medicines and cleaning materials are stored in the correct locked cabinets/cupboards provided.

Children do not have access to a cupboard/cabinet containing these potential hazardous materials.

Adults do not walk around with hot drinks and these are never within reach of the children.

Fire drills are held at least once a term.

A register of both children and adults are completed as they arrive so that a record is present and available in an emergency.  If a child or adult leaves early or arrives late, this is then marked into the register with the time of arrival/departure.

A visitor’s book is to be completed by any visitor that attends the nursery for any period of time.

The nursery is a NO smoking area and smoking is not permitted inside or outside within the nursery grounds.

A correctly stocked first aid box is available at all times and is stored within the nursery room by the fire exit.  This is stocked in accordance with KCC advice.  The first aid box is checked and replenished regularly and a designated person is assigned to reassess this.

Fire extinguishers are checked annually and all staff are trained to use them correctly.

Whenever there are children on the premises there are at least two adults present.

Activities such as cookery, woodwork, gardening and energetic play will receive close and constant adult supervision.

On outings the adult ratio will be at least one to three.

A full risk assessment will be carried out prior to any outings that the children will attend.

If a small group of children go outside there will be sufficient number of adults to maintain appropriate ratios for staff and children both inside the premises and outside.

Children who are sleeping will be checked upon regularly, at least once every ten minutes.

Any allergies or medical conditions that a child may have will be noted within the correct forms and all staff are to be made aware of any of these conditions.

Parents are to complete permission for medication form with details of the instructions of any medication needed.  Only medicines prescribed within its original container and with the child’s name on will be administered.  Staff are to be trained in administering the medication to the correct standard.

Equipment that is offered to the children will be developmentally appropriate, recognising that the materials suitable for an older child may pose a risk to a younger/less mature child.

Internal safety gates/barriers are used where necessary.

The premises are checked before opening and closing of the premises and all assessments required are carried out promptly.

When staff, clear apparatus and toys away they are to make sure that all safety procedures are carried out.

Floors will be swept and kept free from spillages.

All relevant cupboards are kept locked.

At the end of the day, all electrical items and heaters are switched off and windows and doors are to be shut and locked.

The nursery is cleaned daily, by an employed staff member.

All staff follow the procedure of when a child’s clothing needs changing, or if assistance is required in the toilet area.  The procedure is to have a second staff member present (in a sensitive manner) and by completing the relevant forms.

At all times, staff members and volunteers must NOT be under the influence of alcohol or any other substance which may affect their ability to care for children.

Staff will always be dressed in an appropriate manner for working with children within the nursery.  Volunteers are also advised on the setting’s dress code.

Staff must have obtained an Enhanced DBS certificate before taking any child to the toilet or being left alone with a group of children.  All staff contracts are subject to a DBS check.

The Supervisor and deputy will be present in the Nursery at each session (or two deputies).