Conflict of Interest

All adults working with children have a responsibility to maintain public confidence in their ability to safeguard the welfare and best interest of children and other adults.  It is therefore expected that staff adopt and promote a high standard of personal conduct.

All adults in contact with children should therefore understand and be aware that safe practice also involves using judgment and integrity about behaviours in places other than the work setting.


A conflict of interest is a situation in which an individual has competing interests and loyalties.  A conflict of interest can exist in several kinds of situations:

  • With a public official whose personal interests conflict with his/her professional position.
  • With an employee who works for one company but who may have personal interests that compete with his/her employment.
  • With a person who has a position of authority in one organisation that conflicts with his or her interests in another organisation.
  • With a person who has conflicting responsibilities.


A member of staff who is related to a child within the provision.
A member of staff provides babysitting services for a family of the provision.
Beneficiaries (staff), will not have any family members upon the committee or as trustees.


No employee should allow their outside activities interfere with their work.  They should not allow any conflicts between their duties or their private interest to affect their ability to carry out their duties effectively.

No employee should make use of or exploit the provision, their connection with the provision or information obtained in the course of their duties to further their own private interest.

No employee should act in a manner likely to bring the provision into disrepute or effect the reputation of the setting.

Adults should be aware that behaviour in their personal lives may impact upon their work with children.  Adults should understand that the behaviour and actions of their family members may raise questions about their suitability to work with children.

Employees have a duty to disclose any potential or apparent conflict of interest which may affect their ability to carry out this role.

Adults should always approve any planned social contact with children or families with senior colleagues.  Report and record any situation which may place a child at risk or which may compromise the setting or their own professional standing.

Employees should at all times follow their employer’s code of conduct.  Employers have a duty to take responsibility steps to prevent conflicts of interests within the workplace.