The Nursery register is to be taken promptly at the beginning of the session and to be kept to hand at all times.

The Supervisor or in her absence the Deputy Supervisor must ensure that a bell is kept close at hand every session and is kept in its allocated place, on top of the shelving unit by the water area. The bell must be used to help the children to stop whatever they are doing and remain where they are until told what to do next.


  1. The Supervisor will ring the bell several times to attract the children’s attention and then assemble them in a line at the exit away from the fire. No personal belongings should be collected.
  1. The member of staff rotated on ‘game and milk’ will collect the register folder, they will be responsible for collecting the key to the school gates to ensure that firefighters are able to enter the school premises, attend to the end of the line and help the Supervisor to escort the children from the building.
  1. At the same time as the above steps are taken, the member of staff rotated on ‘craft’ will be responsible for checking the premises (kitchen, lavatories, lobby, office, computer room and the main play room). Closing any doors once each section is checked, to ensure that the building is empty.
  1. A member of staff either allocated on craft or game and milk will liaise together to ensure that one member has gathered a mobile telephone to enable the emergency services to be called.
  1. When the point of safety has been reached (the end of the path at the far end of the school field), the Supervisor will check the Nursery register that all children and adults have been accounted for and are present and correct. If anyone is missing, this will be reported to the fire brigade when they arrive.
  1. A member of staff to telephone the emergency services and then they will then go to the school to inform them of the emergency situation.