Contact Details

The Windmill Nursery
The Brent CP School
London Road

Tel: 01322 229393

Registered Charity Number: 1159401

OFSTED Unique Reference number: EY497305

We operate from a purpose built single storey building within the grounds of the Brent County Primary School in Dartford, Kent.

The entrance to the Nursery is located in St John’s Road.  Follow the left public footpath, adjacent to the Brent County Primary School canteen buildings until you reach the nursery gate, which is situated on the right hand side of the pathway.  When the gate is locked, please use the intercom.

Please kindly note, there are no designated parking spaces/drop-off points for the nursery and we would kindly ask you to respect the local residents, by not blocking access to their driveways and property.

Thank you.