Our Day

Our daily session plan is varied and allows the children to be stimulated in a number of ways, enabling your child to learn, develop, grow and flourish.

This includes creative activities such as sand, water, season sensory tray, puzzles, craft, painting, table games, construction, information technology, music, stories, role play and play dough. Our free play continues outside where the children can enjoy more sand, a climbing frame, vehicle play area, construction, small world play, book corner, chalking, play tools and much more.

We also encourage cookery on a weekly basis, allowing the children to get involved with different ingredients, textures and tastes.

The children will learn about the day, month and year, as well as the weather, season and how to tell the time.  Many children enjoy music and movement, where they are free to express themselves through dance and playing musical instruments.

During each daily session, the children are offered a selection of fresh fruit or a cracker with a drink of milk, or water (specific to dietary requirements).

As part of our commitment to all the children, our activities and plans are based around the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. We encourage parents/guardians to take an active role in their child’s learning and we therefore like to complete the “My Unique Story” document with you. To celebrate the children’s achievements we have Learning and Kindness Trees. Children, parents/guardians or staff place a leaf on the branches of the trees when the children learn or achieve something new or demonstrate an act of kindness.

One of the most important aspects of nursery life is for your child to learn how to socialise with other children and to relate to other adults outside of the family unit. Group work allows the children to talk about recent events and the children’s particular interests.

After a busy session, story time allows the children to wind-down and relax. They are encouraged to use their imaginations and ask questions. It also teaches them how to sit, listen and share their thoughts and ideas.

More information can be obtained from your child’s key person. Our noticeboards show our plans and theme for each term.