Summer Term 2019 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have plenty of events happening this term, so please get your diaries ready!

This year it has been decided that we will be visiting Godstone Farm for our annual event. The date for this is Thursday, 6th June. Letters have already been given out.

Our sponsored event this year will be ‘people who help us’ obstacle course. Which will see lots of physical action of running, jumping, balancing, throwing, crawling through tunnels and climbing too! The sponsor forms will be coming very soon!!! This will be held during the week commencing 13th May.

Our open evening this year will be held in July. This is a great opportunity for you to see your child’s work and speak to their Key Person. The date for this is to be confirmed and invitations for this will be given out nearer the time. If you would like to speak to your child’s Key Person before open evening, you are welcome to make an appointment with them.

Your child’s Key Person have already given out the ‘My Unique Story’ document, we encourage all parent/carers to return these as we share these with your child’s future school!

The last day of term is Tuesday, 23rd July, which is Sports Day (there are no regular nursery sessions on this date).


The Government have implemented Pupil Premium Money for some children who reach the eligibility criteria.

Before the children leave us we will be supporting their transition into school, talking about the exciting new experience and providing engaging activities that aids this. We occasionally have visits from teachers from various schools.

This can often be a time that parents/carers worry if their child is ready for school. The learning experiences at nursery provide a solid structure for this. Opportunities for your child to gain independence in their self-help skills at home are another way of supporting this transition. Activities that encourage dressing themselves, putting on their own shoes, washing their hands supports independence and builds upon their self-confidence.

If your child is staying at nursery for another year, please be reassured that the sessions you requested have been allocated. We return to nursery on Monday, 2nd September 2019.

The colour we are learning this half term is orange and next half term is purple. Please encourage your child to create pictures of the current colour. Please ensure all pictures are clearly labelled with your child’s name, thank you.

The letter sound this half term will be sent out shortly.

Monday, 6th May is a Bank Holiday, so the nursery will be closed.

Nursery will be closed during half term, which is Monday, 27th May to Friday, 31st May.

Just to remind everyone about being safe in the sun, please ensure that sun cream is applied before they come into nursery and that your child has a sun hat. These are available to purchase, please just ask.

We would like to say thank you for the continued support to Mr and Mrs Plumridge who maintain and fund our website. Helping us to stay connected to all our service users in the big wide web and ensuring we maintain the correct legal obligations regarding data protection for this.  And a huge thank you for the wonderful job they did in undertaking the Christmas DVD’s, that were brilliant and all undertaken on a voluntary basis.


Parents and guardians to come and experience nursery life! Come and see what your child is experiencing at nursery and come and have some fun too! We desperately need volunteers for our garden, so please get those green fingers at the ready!!! Also, any handy men/women to help in maintenance work would be gratefully appreciated.

Buttons, plants, seeds or items for our imaginary fairy world such as pots and garden ornaments. Also, packets of rice, pasta and lentils, nuts and bolts are all very much needed.

We do, however, have enough recyclable material at the present time, thank you.


We would like to remind all parents and guardians to ensure that ALL children are brought to nursery promptly, as it is essential for the children to have the opportunity to participate in all the activities available.

Also, during pick up time please ensure that all children are collected at the correct times. Please respect our neighbours and ensure that you park responsibly and considerately, thank you.

When arriving at nursery, please do come into our nursery fairy garden with your children and explore whilst you are waiting for the door to open, and please help your children to respect and look after our garden plants and toys, thank you.

Please encourage your child to leave their toys at home, this is not only good practice for school, but it also helps keep your child’s toys safe from getting mixed up and saves lots of time from having to hand them out so we can have more time for fun activities instead! Thank you

Handy Information Access


Children with special educational needs and disabilities: